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The Confession (WP 2)
“Life itself is neither good nor evil, but only a place for good and evil.”
-Marcus Aelius Aurelis
“The Confession”
By Alex Sorrow
    The sky was a deep shade of dark blue streaked with gray clouds. The sun had long faded over the horizon, leaving the moon to peer over the world like a glowing eye. The sound of the wind was soft, almost mournful. The gravel path crunched beneath the man’s shoes as he walked up the hill to the looming church. The bells had begun to ring not long after dusk had fallen, leading the man to wonder why the church bells were ringing now. The crooning way that the bells seemed to resonate over the horizon… it was almost as if the bells were beckoning him to come and unburden his soul from the sin that he had committed.
    The man stepped onto the hallowed ground, and immediately the bells abruptly stopped. The wind’s crying slowed to a light whimper. The m
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 0 0
Loneliness is the solemn despair
Of crying for help with no reply
No one is around to see your sigh
Nobody willing to even care.
This is the crisis you cannot share
So despairingly you wipe your eye
Until the iris itself is dry
You smile so they are unaware.
But deep in the silence, do you think
Of having somebody there for you?
Somebody to bring you from the brink
Somebody to help you to get through?
But that is silly, nobody cares, you groan.
After all, you do deserve to be alone.
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 8 0
The Reaper WP 1
    They called me “The Silhouette” because that’s all that you would see of me after I took my shot. I was sought after internationally for my ability to disappear effortlessly after a successful kill, and my reputation as an assassin brought me business. Corporate executives. Bureaucrats. Troublesome lawyers. None were a challenge for me. The trail of bodies that I left in my wake continuously grew. The blood that I spilt could have filled a lake. I was the best that there was. With a pull of the trigger, a flash of the muzzle, and someone to aim at, I was unstoppable.
    Until the day came that I was contracted to assassinate a ruthless drug lord operating in Mexico, by one of his own men no less. The man was well known for being unpredictable, savage, but most of all, paranoid. This paranoia often led him to believe that his own men would turn against him, so he had a tendency to beat them senseless if he so much as suspected that th
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 2 5
Lexi Winters OC :iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 3 0
She Thinks
“Life is complex. You don't have any person who is nice from the beginning until the end. You don't always have the notion of redemption. The bad people don't always pay.”
-Marjane Satrapi
“She Thinks”
By Alex Sorrow
(AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don't read this one, Kitten. It'll only hurt. :please:)
I heard somewhere about a baby born.
Her lips, red as a rose, curved in a smile.
Completely oblivious to the oncoming storm,
The mother held her baby for a while.
The baby’s name meant Happy.
The baby’s hands groped for the air
Catching an affection once her mother’s,
For she was unaware of the despair
That the baby would soon bring to others.
Like a snowflake in the fire
She imagines her life as a Tragic Fairytale
To be Cinderella, does she aspire?
What does she imagine beneath her veil?
Does she look upon this Man of Sorrow
Unknowing that it’s not him she’s seeing
And tell herself, “He will fail tod
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 3 3
The Unfamiliar
    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
    -H.P. Lovecraft
    “The Unfamiliar”
    By Alex Sorrow
    The darkness is insurmountable here. The air reeks of saltwater, decaying fish, and other human stenches that I cannot even begin to imagine even if I felt the desire to. An unearthly black fog has settled over the city, as it does every night, and I yearn for a daylight that feels as though it may never come. The night in Malaveara is oppressive, almost as though it were not night at all, but rather the natural state of the world around the city. Of course, there is hardly a problem with the town itself.
    The problem is what inhabits the town.
    Beneath the cover of darkness that invades the streets ev
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 6 33
Between Friends and Lovers (1/4)
“Between Friends and Lovers”
A Key Story
By Alex Sorrow
The Whitemoon Nightclub
259 Jackson Avenue, King’s Hollow, Marwind Heights
16th of November, 10:21 PM
    The city of Marwind Heights, by day, was an illustrious place, where wealth and prosperity were easily found among gleaming skyscrapers and populated streets. The men wore suits and Rolex watches and carried briefcases while the women wore beautiful, elegant dresses and expensive jewels from the trendiest boutiques. The cars lining the streets were sleek, and most were vibrant colors of green, orange, pink, and, of course, a metallic shade of black. Crime rates were low here among the highest and most sophisticated of the social order.
    And this was Marwind Heights… in the Platinum District anyway.
    The Whitemoon Nightclub, while trendy,
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 1 0
Devon and Lily :iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 3 2 Batmare vs. Green Marerow :iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 3 5
Four Years
“Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.”
-Stephen King
“Four Years”
By Alex Sorrow
My own name sends shivers down my back
Though I emerge reborn, cloaked within black
Observing this and everything that I’ve done
This which I cannot share with anyone.
Regrets linger, mistakes were made
Someday these debts must be repaid
A reflection twisted and given life
Yielding no benefit, only endless strife
Now here I am
Here I am again
I’ve honed this skill all this time
Living aware of this impossible climb
The words float around me every day
Yet there’s still so much that I need to say.
So many faces dance in my memory
Fading now, in ignorance of me
This heart ached then and it aches now
Filled with a solemn, remembered vow.
Come on! Don’t you see?
Finally, I’ve found the real me.
It has its highs and it has its lows
But I’ll fo
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 3 2
The City on the Other Side (Malaveara)
“All action takes place, so to speak, in a kind of twilight, which like a fog or moonlight, often tends to make things seem grotesque and larger than they really are.”
-Carl von Clausewitz
“The City on the Other Side (Malaveara)”
By Alex Sorrow
A lost town shrouded in an endless mist
Filled with a forgotten evil unbound
To find the truth, you desperately wished
But is there any in this horror you’ve found?
Below the cursed moon that hangs above,
An orb of shining malevolence,
Malice hides behind a crooning love
Seeking to embrace you and corrupt your innocence
Fear strikes, it's on the prowl.
Icy shivers shaking in the silence.
Echoing resonance, creatures howl,
Something happened, something we haven't seen since.
There’s evil lurking in the streets
And searching near the shore
Trapped here, seeking release
Beneath the dark of night, awaiting the dawn
Insanity intertw
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 2 6
Broken in Half
"Broken In Half"
by Alex Sorrow
Have you ever noticed that a heart,
Broken apart, torn into two,
Looks like two teardrops
The same ones I shed when I think of you?
Life goes on, the world keeps turning,
But nothing helps to quench the burning.
My heart cries for you, so distant
A world filled with despair, happiness nonexistent
What did I do to deserve this, I wonder?
Was it all a lie to make me dance on my strings?
Questioning myself, scolding myself
My everything, I cannot fathom these things
Was I the problem?
Our love was a poison

Sweeping you up in its infection
Don't you see that happiness comes
When you're purged of my affection?
Laughter shared, memories made
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 4 24
The Lady Who Died
"People fear death even more than pain. It's strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah, I guess it is a friend."
-Jim Morrison
"The Lady Who Died"
by Alex Sorrow
    She gasped for breath, her face growing increasingly redder as she choked. Her own blood blended with saliva deep down in her throat, and her heart hammered in her chest, each pulse resonating through her with agonizing jolts of pain. Her ribs felt like they were cracked and the jagged pieces of bone were stabbing into her skin. Her extraordinarily blue eyes frantically darted around, but there was nothing around her but darkness and the cool surface she was lying on. Her long brown hair was dirtied with flakes of blood and skin. Her arms were spread, and she felt a warm tear sliding down the side of her face, turning cold as it journeyed across her cheek. Her face flushed of al
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 7 16
A Lady of Deceit
Shattered promises and bitter lies
I witness your descent with weary eyes
Contempt cloaked with faked concern for me
Was this end simply meant to be?
Hail-filled skies are raining down
Yet through it all, I refuse to frown
To lie, your will, to hurt, your desire
I refuse to entertain the whims of a liar
From down in the abyss you coo
Past sins remembered, I turn my back on you
I walk away, to places unknown
Leaving you trapped down there alone
For when would a man of sorrow,
Always regretting yesterday and dreading tomorrow,
Choose to walk with a lady of deceit
And bring this sad charade closer to complete?
The question I ask is not "to forgive?"
but instead "should I forgive again?"
Do not pretend to fret
I know that I am no sincere threat
to you, the one who has taken so much
Perhaps I should forgive
But I sure as hell will not forget.
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 7 2
We All Know Writer's Block
I sit down here every day
And try to think of what to say.
My mind is empty, memories unknown
I bury my face in my hands and stifle a long groan.
Writer's block, you accursed demon
Have you come to visit me again?
A blinking line rests in an abyss of white
And there it stays all day and night
Unmoving, no letters, no words may form
To this foul standard, do I conform?
A whisper with no voice, a story nonexistent
A writer with no purpose, a concept lost and distant
What business do I really have to be here
Resisting the urge to simply disappear
Writer's block, lingering close
When will you be gone?
Over the abyss that has claimed so many
Hope for me, is there any?
I stray over the darkness, ready to fall
Ready to give up struggling with it all
But... no.
I force myself to back away from the edge of the pit
Because whoever said that I wanted to quit?
To give up on this dream might as well be sin
Should I decide to quit, then writer's block wins.
Do not give in to writer's block, that gre
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 4 56
A Writer's Hell
    A writer's Hell is sitting in an empty room. There is no door. No way out. There is only a chair where you are seated and a table. Upon the table is a notebook or a computer or what have you, your favorite writing instrument. A blank canvas. A series of empty lines.
    Here, you are forced to sit and stare at those empty lines, wishing you could fill them, but your ideas are gone as soon as they come. The words refuse to fit together when you attempt to write, and they form a mess of letters.
    A writer's Hell is sitting in this room.
    There are no stories.
    There are no poems.
    There is nothing to write.
    For eternity.
:iconsoulful-sorrow:Soulful-Sorrow 3 8
In one of my first-ever journal entries, I thought it'd be cool to have some gruesome creepypastas followed by a lighthearted pony story. Glad to say, I lived up to my own expectations. :D


love, :iconvashperado:vashperado 2,623 40 I would have gotten away with it too :iconvashperado:vashperado 4,585 282 Letter to Batman :iconptimm:PTimm 8,182 473 Overwatch - Casual D.Va :iconcheesewoo:cheesewoo 4,272 120 Educational Material :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 3,475 641 Overwatch Poster :iconjiuge:jiuge 4,229 77 Spidey vs Everyone WIP :iconuncannyknack:uncannyknack 679 37 Casual - Youtube Process! :iconknkl:KNKL 14,130 396 A Happy Family :iconanarchypuppet:AnarchyPuppet 3,391 436 Vicar Amelia :iconatenebris:Atenebris 2,692 90 FFPC Cosplay Segment #8 CMC :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,443 267 Witch :iconlordmasterjohn:LordMasterJohn 5 6 Harley Quinn Shimmer :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,869 226 FFPC Cosplay Segment #4 Muffins :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,270 147
Novel Writing Basics Week: Introduction
Novel Writing Basics Week
Welcome to
Novel Writing Basics Week!

Just in time for National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) next month, CRLiterature and projecteducate would like to bring you our guide to novel writing basics.  This week we'll bring you essays on characters, chapters, publishing, writing long pieces of literature, and a whole lot more.
We hope you'll learn a lot, and participate in the discussion in the comments on our articles.  For the full week's schedule, check below!
Novel Writing Basics Week
24th Monday
AM: Introduction by brennenxr
PM: Taking Time: The Art of Time Management by Ragemoon
25th Tuesday
AM: From Short Stories to Oh Shit by neurotype
PM: Characters and Plot:
:iconbrennenxr:brennenxr 37 26
To anyone who reads this,
Think positive. It will get better. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'm here to listen.
Stay safe and happy, everyone :)
:iconlunar-xerneas:Lunar-Xerneas 2 10



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Alex Sorrow
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I've gotten a few messages from people asking for permission to read one of my stories on their YouTube channel. Right now, I give everybody permission as long as they:
-Give me credit.
-Post a link to the original story in the description of the video.

M҉y͘͢ n͡am̷̕͡e̡͞ ̛í͘s͢ ͟Ą̢l̢ę̨͞x̀͟ ͜͡͞S̨o͞r͘͢r̨͞o̵͘w̕͟.̴
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͜I̕͢ ̡̕͜t͠r͏͡͡ý̶̛ ͝t̢͢o͡҉͞ ̧f͏̡̛ĺe̛͝e,̸̴̢ ́b̵̛͞u̕͠t͟͢ ̕͘͢t̶͞h͟é͝y͝͞͝ c͜a̢p̷̀t͏̕u̷̢͝r̴̡̛è̷͟d͘ ̢m̷͟è̷͜ ͞a͠ĺ̡m̨͞ǫ̸͟s̡t ̵̕͏ȩ̨f̴f̴͢͞ortl̵͢e͏sśl͟͜y̸҉.̡͏ ͠͡M̛͝͠y͏̶ l͟if̨́҉e ̴҉͞i͝s͏̴ ̸̸n͜ow͢ ҉a҉̵ ̧h̶̢e̸̢ll,̨͜ b̷͜a̵şè̷d͞ ̀͠͡o̶͘n͢͡ ̶̸҉t̴h͏͟è͢͠ ̸͘t̀͟͠ơ̵͝rtu̴re͠ś ̛óf ̧̢ó́t̵h͘͠e̷rw͘͡o͟rĺ̛͡d͠l͢͜͞y̡͢͢ c̢͜r̨̛ę͢͝a̡͜͡t͘͝͏ur͞͏e̸̕s̷͏.̸̨
W̧͡e̶̶lco̵͡m̸͘҉e̴̵ t̛o͢ ͟͜t̴h͟e̢͞͏ ̧r͡e̕͟ą̀l̀̕m͏̶ ̸͘o̷͝f̕ f̧eá̡r, ̷͝wh̴̛é̴͟re̢ s͜͝͏i͠m̷̨pl͞͝e͏̛ n̸͜ì͘͟g̷̕h͘͟t̸m̧̀a͟r͏e̸s̷͜ ͏͢͡be͞ç͞om̵e͜͟ ̵v̶͢͠iv͟͝i̢͠d ̕d̨̕e̸͝f͠o̵̢ŗ̷m̡͜i̕͟t͟ies͢҉̛ ̴̵̢b͝e͏͝͏n͠t͠ ͠͡on̸̵ ̷u̷n͡r̵͜͞a̶͟v̴̀èl̴͡in̴͟g̶ t͟h̡̛e̕͟͏ ̴m̴i͘n͜d̵͘.҉̷

I didn't choose the writer life... the writer life chose me.

Don't be afraid to color outside the lines.

Aim Low, Shoot High!

Even in the direst of times, a man will find solace in the worlds that other men craft, for writers do not only compose stories, but comfort and escape from life’s adversaries.

.:Stamp: :Metallica:. by TehOnism Creepypasta Stamp by femmequartz DW Ten + Rose Doomsday Stamp by TwilightProwler Doctor Who Stamp by Zalina678 Fluttality by GeminiGirl83
The wonderfully dark Dr. Creepen on YouTube read "The Unfamiliar" and decided to read it! His deep voice definitely adds an element to the story that I absolutely love. >w< Give it a listen, the doctor is quite the masterful storyteller. :3

  • Listening to: "Lights" -Ellie Goulding
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  • Drinking: Milk :3


I'm hoping to finish the first draft of the Puppet rewrite this week. I'll upload something next week for sure, but it'll probably just be a poem. ^w^
After months of checking my email to see if the creepypasta website accepted my submission of "The Unfamiliar", I finally got a reply that it had been accepted... but because my power is out, I can't check it to see the reviews! TT-TT
Anyone else get frustrated because they don't have any writer friends to talk to irl and get their opinions on things? >^<' I wanna have a conversation about writing with somebody XD
I was going over the notes I have for short writing prompt stories when the thought came to me.

What if I rewrote my old "Puppet" story? That concept was too much for me to handle back when I wrote it because my technique was still too amateur. I'm thinking about taking the initial concept and reworking it a bit. This isn't the first time I've considered redoing it, but this IS the first time I've had another idea for it. owo
Yesterday i got to watch from an upstairs window as my childhood best friend was escorted out of the school by a police officer, put against the police cruiser, handcuffed, and finally put in the back, all because he had drugs in his locker.

While he and I haven't stayed in contact for a few years now, I still remember hanging out with him nearly every weekend when we were kids. It's interesting to see where our paths through life has led us... I wonder what would have happened if I'd taken a different one.
Do you ever get the best idea for a story filled with actual characters and lore and you have the entire story all planned out, but when you actually sit down to start writing it, nothing fits together and you hate the product and you just

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
Aiming at a Christmas upload for this! Let's just hope I can finish it by then... :c
What time period do you guys think that a story is best in? I like a modern touch to my stories, personally, but I've gotten ideas for more historical pieces as of late.

Also, I think I got 100% on an essay in AP Literature! That never happens! *.*
"One of the most stupid and painful things is loving someone who doesn't notice you exist and missing someone who isn't yours."
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for being able to write here and improve on my craft among kindly users and fellow creators. ^.^


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I'm not really much of a "reader" as I am more of an audio-visual person. Been that way since I was a little kid, so its nothing personal against anyone who is a writer. I definitely absorb audio books and documentaries with much easier of a flow than massive books.

Though I've been accused of being a good writer hahaha .... typing is more of an internet survival skill for me. I do it when I have to, because I have to. Not because I get any enjoyment out of it. Hence why I tend to gravitate more towards skype, google hangouts, youtube videos and things of that nature.

You do however come highly recommended from Year End Deviant ShareHi everyone!! So another year is coming to a close, soon it will be 2017 and the yearly holiday hype will be behind us as we all go on with our usual lives, and online we all go on with our usual posting schedule. For this year end, I kind of wanted do do something kind of fun to celebrate the end of the year, thus this journal. 
In this journal I will be sharing some different users here on DeviantArt that are really awesome and I'd like to share with you all, to encourage you to checkout their work and say hi^_^ All of these users have a lot of talent in different mediums, and I just want to promote and share them and their work as kind of a year-end celebration/gift. 
Lets start!!
First off is the wonderful :iconinkhate:. This user happens to be a close friend of mine in real life, and her art style is amazing and unique. It was her artwork that inspired me when we were much, much younger to explore art,

So, I'm adding you based on that recommendation.

Happy belated birthday by the way, and this is the third belated birthday in a row that I am encountering here. I'm starting to feel like I've been unwittingly placed into a Twilight Zone episode of some sort. lol
Soulful-Sorrow Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Writer
Awh, thanks. ^.^ It means a lot that you'd give me a chance like that!

And it can't be everyone's birthday all the time. =P
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